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Battery Management Systems

Welcome to the new homepage of BMS.

BMS, Battery Management Systems, was established in 1992 within development of battery monitoring systems and lighting. Our experience within lighting and batteries has in recent years resulted in the agencies for products such as Underwater Kinetics - the world's leading manufacturer of diving lamps and waterproof cases.

BMS also delivers consultancy services in battery monitoring systems for professional use and other development projects.


Since 2005 BMS-AS has been a consulting company, focusing on batteries, battery packs, battery monitoring and battery speeches. Einar Gotaas has a wide network, directly contact with R & D engineers in Chinese, Japanese and American battery manufacturers. Einar has also participated centrally located in the development of battery and management solutions for major Nordic companies. Einar has a permanent consultant association with GPBM Nordic, but also works for several other Norwegian companies. Einar is always open for a consultation, then possibly doing an assignment.

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Battery Management System AS has developed management systems since 1990. The systems were based on a patented method of collecting data from all single cells over a single wire communication line. This gave an easy installation and very few wires on the battery top. The first systems were for submarine applications; later the systems were adapted for 48 V telecom backup. Systems for 400 V UPS systems were also delivered. Later, the systems have been upgraded for use in another two other submarine classes. In 2000-2005 BMS-AS also developed systems for remote monitoring of telecom battery plants, using the mobile network. Over a period of several years, BMS-AS monitored and reported back to telecom company status from 30-40 large battery plants in Denmark and Sweden. Development, production and sales of measurement systems ceased in 2006.